RnaDocking (RnaX)

Download and Copy RnaDocking.pdb and RnaDocking.cfg into your working directory and type:

./modelX -f RnaDocking.cfg

Or check the command line tab
Name Parameter Description Parameter Type Parameter Default Parameter Range
atom-type Atom type to be consider in the evaluation: BB,SC,ALL string BB 0-2
biassed Use biassed or non biassed forcefield bool false
command string
config Set a configuration file path
database-name Set the mySQL database name string PepXDB
database-pass Set the mySQL password string modelx
database-port Set the mySQL database port int 3306
database-server Set the mySQL server string localhost
database-user Set the mySQL username string modelx
excluded File with excluded pdb from queries path
help Show help screen
max-threads Set the maximum number of threads int 1
output-dir Set output directory path
output-file Get Pdb file without dna path noDna.pdb
pdb Set a PDB file path
pdb-dir Set PDB directory path
renumber Renumber the pdb bool false
>modelx --command=RnaDocking --pdb=RnaDocking.pdb --pep-mismatches=1 --dock-length=4 --pepx-length=6 --energy-threshold=-0.1 --atom-type=BB --database-name=RnaXDB --database-server=localhost --database-user=modelx --database-pass=modelx