ModelX was developed by the ModelX consortium, centered around the laboratory of Luis Serrano at the Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona. The following people have contributed to the development to different extents:

Javier Delgado • Damiano Cianferoni • Leandro Radusky • Hector Climente • Luis Serrano 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property issues are handled by CRG. Executables are only available to be downloaded from our website. Version 1.0 is handled by the CRG Technology and Business Development Office


The ModelX Suite includes several features:

  • C++/Boost Based Command Line Interface
  • Unified Command Line Interface and executable to launch different modeling tools
  • Better error reporting of any problems with the command line
  • Unified human-readable configuration file to work with different modeling tools
  • High level programming layer, to combine different ModelX commands in a flexible and iterative way to generate complex analysis
  • Interactive help on general and specific parameters


  • Docking (PADA1)
  • Bridging
  • BindingRegions
  • DeleteDna
  • SplitNmr
  • Rmsd
  • Pssm
  • Fit
  • Mutate
  • PolyAla
  • EvaluateComplex


This project has been co-financed by FEDER in the "Programa Operatiu de Catalunya 2001-2020" framework, and supported by the "Secretaria d'Universitats i Recerca del departament d'Empresa i Coneixement" of the "Generalitat de Catalunya".

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